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Youth Hockey Development at Ion!

From absolute beginners with no skating experience to those who have dabbled in hockey. Kids go through different Programs without getting held back; They move to the next level as soon as they want, can, and are ready to do so safely.
Our Goal
To introduce and guide kids to the fun-filled and amazing sport of Hockey!
Our system works like a well-oiled machine that develops athletes who love Hockey. The diagram below best describes it
Our Philosophy
Developing long-term athletes who love hockey!
Our Method
We use an organized process in lockstep with the principles outlined in USA Hockey’s American Development Model (“ADM”). Our overall development program involves three major components:
These three program elements overlap so there are no barriers to entering the sport. As soon as a new player finds the ice and falls in love with the game, we have a path to get their hockey journey started.

Coaching & Questions


If you are interested in coaching, please contact us directly. We are currently prospecting new coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, and goalie coaches. 

The goalies need the same amount of detailed instruction as the skaters receive during team practices. Goalies will be given weekly practice plans as well.


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