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30 minute weekly group class
Free skate rental*
1 free public session admission per week*
Most importantly...FUN!
Mondays 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm 
 March 15th - April 26th (7 weeks) $161*
Wednesdays 4:30pm, 5pm 
March 17th - April 28th (7 weeks) $161*
Saturdays 11am, 11:30am, 12pm, 12:30pm 
March 20th - May 1st (7 weeks) $161*
Sundays 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm
March 21st - May 2nd (7 weeks) $161*

Tuesdays 11am
March 16th - April 27th (7 weeks) $161*
Thursdays 11am 
March 18th - April 29th (7 weeks) $161*

*All skaters must purchase the $16 annual Learn to Skate USA membership to participate in any class. First time members will be charged the class cost plus the membership cost.
All skaters will begin in Snowplow Sam 1, Basic 1, or Adult 1 class, depending on their age.
Ages 3-6 - Snowplow Sam 1/First Steps
Ages 7 and up - Basic 1
Ages 18 and up - Adult 1
All classes lay the foundation for entry to any other disciplines in ice figure skating, playing hockey, synchronized skating, or speed skating!

*Free skate rental only offered during group lessons
*1 free public session admission per week does not include free skate rental.
For more information about our Learn to Skate program, please email our Program Director at


Welcome to Ion Skating Academy!

We are home to a wide range of individualized group classes designed for any age or ability. Our best in class coaching team is here to guide you every step of the way! 

We offer classes to toddlers (ages 3 and up), kids, homeschoolers, special needs, adults, and everyone in between! We also offer HOCKEY classes in our Learn To Skate programs on Sundays!

Our mission is to provide a FUN and positive experience that will spark & sustain a lifelong love of skating!
Ion Skating Academy is proud to administer 
Learn to Skate USA.


We offer classes specifically for adults 18+ who want to learn how to skate! Classes for our adults are on Wednesday Afternoons (Adult Lunch Power Hour), and Saturdays at 12pm. 
Adult Lunch Power Hour- 
Wednesday afternoons - 12:50pm - 2:00pm
30 minute class with an instructor followed by 40 minutes of practice ice. Free skate rental included!
Saturdays 12pm 
 30 min class with an instructor, followed by Public session for practice from 1:10-3pm every Saturday! 
 **Schedule subject to change without prior notice*
Wednesdays 12:50pm - 2pm March 17th - April 28th (7weeks) $161*
Saturdays 12pm - 12:30pm March 21st - May 1st (7weeks) $161*


Please scroll down for our Learn To Skate Full Schedule

Learn to Skate Skills Programs

We offer an array of different programs to suit skaters of all ages and abilities.

Snow Plow Sam 1-4

First time skaters will be learning basic balance, proper falling and getting up, beginning forward skating & two foot glides.

Adult 1-6

Enjoy recreationally skating with your family and friends, to compete at Adult Nationals, land an axel, or glide across the ice with grace,

Basic Skils 1-6

Students begin learning more advanced forward & backward skating skills, other advanced elements while simultaneously boosting their confidence on the ice.

Freestyle 1-6

This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

Learn to Skate Creative Programs

Think outside the box with us. There are so many fun ways to learn to skate.

First Steps

Ages 3-4: This class is for independent pre-school aged children that focuses on gently acquainting young children with the ice and developing coordination in a creative & playful environment.

Mom & Tot

This class is designed for you and your pre-school aged child to learn while spending quality time together! Some first timers are a bit cautious of the ice but with their parent on the ice they learn to have fun!

Cardio Craze

a 30 minute cardio focused class offered to boost your heart rate and work on those skating skills

Frost Yoga

a 30 minute mindful relaxing class to work on balancing skills and bring those yoga poses to the ice!
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